James Cameron Teases Alita: Battle Angel Sequels Are Happening

Alita: Battle Angel garnered immense praise from fans as one of the most successful anime-to-live-action feature film adaptations. Producer James Cameron has recently hinted at the exciting news that Alita: Battle Angel sequels are indeed in the works. The film, based on Yukito Kishiro's original Battle Angel Alita manga series, captivated audiences upon its release in 2019. Despite its lengthy production process and various transitions, fans wasted no time in clamoring for a sequel to the beloved movie.

Throughout the journey, producers James Cameron and Jon Landau, alongside director Robert Rodriguez, have been vocal about their ongoing discussions regarding a potential Alita: Battle Angel sequel. However, an unexpected revelation comes from James Cameron himself in a recent interview with Forbes, where he confirms not just one, but multiple Alita: Battle Angel films are being planned. He alludes to his involvement in these projects as one of the motivating factors behind his decision to sell his Gaviota Coast ranch in California.

More Alita: Battle Angel Sequels Are on the Way?

During a discussion with Forbes regarding the sale of their current residence, James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron revealed various reasons for the decision, including their involvement in different projects like the Avatar films and, notably, the Alita: Battle Angel franchise. Cameron disclosed that he would be working in Wellington and Los Angeles for Avatar, and in Austin for the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel films. This geographical spread led them to conclude that it no longer made practical sense to maintain their current home. While acknowledging the significant commitment required, Cameron's mention of multiple sequels in the works has generated tremendous excitement among fans eager for more content.

Simultaneously, Cameron remains deeply engaged in the Avatar franchise. Although Alita: Battle Angel holds its own significance, and plans extend beyond a mere sequel, it may be some time before these anticipated projects come to fruition. Nonetheless, this revelation about future plans provides reassurance to fans, confirming Cameron's unwavering interest in further expanding the franchise.

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