James Gunn Clears the Air on Doom Patrol Cancellation Rumors


While there have been speculations about the future of Doom Patrol, fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the remaining episodes on Max before the show concludes. Recently, Michelle Gomez, one of the stars of Doom Patrol, took to her Instagram profile to share her belief that the latter half of Season Four had been shelved due to wide-ranging tax write-down measures by Warner Bros. Discovery. However, it seems that the show's fate is different from what Gomez suggested, as James Gunn, the head of DC Studios, has confirmed that Max will indeed release the remaining episodes, although the exact timing is yet to be announced.

"I have now received confirmation: contrary to earlier assumptions, Doom Patrol episodes are definitely not being shelved, despite the fact that the premiere date for the upcoming shows has not yet been made public," Gunn stated in a recent post on his Threads account.

Earlier this year, Joivan Wade, one of the stars of Doom Patrol, expressed his thoughts on the second half of Season 4, highlighting that it would provide a satisfying conclusion for fans and serve as a fitting series finale.

"I want to emphasize that it's a fantastic ending," Wade shared. "It's really gratifying for the fans, which I believe is of utmost importance. It saddens me when shows don't get the opportunity to wrap up their storylines and give fans a sense of closure, allowing them to feel a sense of fulfillment and completion. With Doom Patrol this season, I genuinely feel that we were able to accomplish that, providing fans with the resolution they desired and tying together all the elements we've been building over the past four years. The remaining episodes showcase some of our finest work. I'm eagerly awaiting everyone's reaction when they get to witness it. I'll save more details for our future discussions."

Doom Patrol revolves around a group of unconventional heroes who gained their extraordinary abilities through tragic events and are often marginalized by society. The series features an ensemble cast including Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Alan Tudyk, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, Joivan Wade, Skye Roberts, Riley Shanahan, Matthew Zuk, and Michelle Gomez.

Currently, HBO Max offers the first three complete seasons of Doom Patrol, along with the initial portion of Season 4. However, the release date for the remaining episodes of Season 4 has not been announced yet.

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