James Gunn Confirms Nathan Fillion Will Play Green Lantern Throughout the DCU

Following the announcement that Nathan Fillion will portray Guy Gardner in Superman: Legacy, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has clarified how this casting will impact the upcoming Green Lanterns series.

In a post on Threads, the filmmaker addressed questions about Fillion's role in the DC Universe, considering Warner Bros. Discovery had previously announced Finn Wittrock for the character. Gunn stated, "The Green Lanterns show is not separate; Nathan will play Guy Gardner across all aspects of the DCU." It should be noted that Wittrock was officially removed from the Green Lanterns project when Berlanti Productions' series based on the Green Lantern property was cancelled in late 2022.

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At present, information regarding Green Lanterns is scarce, as Gunn primarily focuses on launching the rebooted DCU with Superman: Legacy and the Creature Commandos animated series. However, he did share his vision for the show, describing it as a contemporary noir detective story akin to True Detective. "It's a mystery set on Earth that ties into the overarching narrative we're building across different films and TV shows. We discover an ancient horror on Earth, and these characters serve as supercops on 'Precinct Earth,'" Gunn elaborated, alongside co-CEO Peter Safran.

Building Out the DCU

While it remains uncertain whether Fillion's portrayal of Guy Gardner will be featured in Green Lanterns, fans were puzzled by the actor's appearance in Superman: Legacy. Alongside the revelation that a Green Lantern would be included in the DCU's inaugural film, director Gunn also disclosed that Hawkgirl (Isabela Merced), Mister Terrific (Edi Gathegi), and Metamorpho (Anthony Carrigan) would have some presence in the movie. This decision raised questions among fans about the inclusion of multiple superheroes in the storyline. When asked about this, Gunn replied, "Superman encompasses two worlds: Clark with Lois, Jimmy, and Perry - and Superman with his fellow metahumans. It would be incomplete to tell a comprehensive story about Clark/Superman without incorporating all aspects of his life."

Superman: Legacy will feature David Corenswet donning the iconic Man of Steel suit, while Rachel Brosnahan will assume the role of Lois Lane. The film is expected to delve into Superman's internal struggle regarding his dual heritage as both a human raised on Earth and the last son of Krypton. The specific involvement of the other superheroes in the narrative has yet to be unveiled.

While Green Lanterns does not have a confirmed release date, Superman: Legacy is slated to hit theaters on July 11.

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