Japan's Most Famous Cosplayer Takes on Dragon Ball's Android 18


Dragon Ball's Android 18 has remained an iconic fighter throughout the franchise's history, captivating fans with her unique character. Recently, Japan's renowned cosplayer showcased her own interpretation of this beloved fighter. Android 18 first captured the hearts of fans when she made her debut in Akira Toriyama's original Dragon Ball manga. Her popularity soared even higher with the success of the Dragon Ball Z anime adaptation. Since her introduction during the Android Saga, Android 18 has become a fan favorite, inspiring countless tributes from dedicated fans.

Given the immense love for Android 18 and her enduring popularity, it is evident that Dragon Ball has exciting plans in store for her as the manga and anime franchise continues to evolve. Fans express their admiration for Android 18 through various forms of art, including remarkable cosplay. Enako, a world-renowned cosplayer with a vast following both in Japan and overseas, has recently unveiled her own rendition of Android 18. This impressive portrayal showcases Enako's incredible talent, and fans can witness her captivating performance below:

What's Next for Dragon Ball Super?

Next year, the Dragon Ball franchise will be commemorating its 40th Anniversary with a special art exhibition dedicated to Akira Toriyama's long-standing series. Despite this milestone, Dragon Ball remains active through various avenues. Although there is currently no ongoing anime adaptation of Dragon Ball (much to the disappointment of eager fans), the Dragon Ball Super manga continues to release new chapters, adapting the events depicted in the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. To catch up on Dragon Ball Super, fans can access Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library.

Even after the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, fans are still holding out hope for the return of the Dragon Ball Super TV anime. They anticipate the adaptation of many captivating storylines that have been presented in the Dragon Ball Super manga since the TV anime concluded. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding the revival of the anime with new content. Nevertheless, fans remain eager and optimistic, considering the tremendous success of the Dragon Ball franchise. It is highly likely that we will witness the return of the anime in the future.

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