Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reacts to Negan and Simon Reunion on TWD: Dead City

Warning: The following paragraph may contain spoilers for The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 episode 4. There were returns, reunions, and a quest for revenge in Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City titled "Everybody Wins a Prize." In the present, Maggie (played by Lauren Cohan) and Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) devised a plan to draw out the Croat (portrayed by Željko Ivanek) from his new Sanctuary in New York City. Their objective was to save Maggie's son and exact revenge on the man Negan once failed to eliminate, comparing him to "a rabid dog." However, their intentions turned into a trap when the Burazi unleashed a horde of walkers on the infiltrators, coinciding with the long-awaited reunion between the Croat and his former Savior leader.

In a flashback to the past, a scene at the Sanctuary revealed the moment when the Croat went "too far" and was subsequently excommunicated from the Saviors. This scene showcased Negan wearing his signature leather jacket and wielding his infamous barbwire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. Additionally, it featured Negan alongside his right-hand man, Simon (played by Steven Ogg), who made a captivating cameo appearance. Simon referred to the Croat as a "Slavic, psychopathic nutjob" for his cruel actions of torturing a young girl to death—a line that depicted the moral boundaries the Saviors refused to cross.

"I was thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Steven back. It was an incredible choice out of all the possible characters in this universe who could have returned, and having Ogg come back was fantastic. I'd welcome him back any time," shared Morgan in an interview with EW, expressing his enthusiasm for Ogg's unexpected cameo. "It was great to see him. Steven is one of the funniest individuals you'll ever meet. He's a unique and poetic person. He's not like anyone else I've ever encountered. I truly adore him, so I consider myself lucky to have had him return. He could have his own series doing anything, and I would definitely watch it."

Morgan mentioned that Negan, who is usually quite talkative, didn't have any lines during his scene with Simon. Instead, it was his power-hungry lieutenant who discussed putting a stop to extracting information from a drifter who had taken shelter nearby the Sanctuary. However, the Croat, suspecting her to be a spy sent by the Kingdom, defied a direct order to release her, opting to extract a confession through his brutal interrogation methods.

"We had a rehearsal for that particular scene to establish our positions for the camera," shared Morgan. "Interestingly, it was also the first day I had the opportunity to work with Željko throughout the entire series. During the rehearsal, Steven fully embraced his Ogg persona, and I vividly recall looking at Željko because he quickly realized, 'Oh, this is intense.' So, during the rehearsal, these two gentlemen were giving it their all, pouring in 120 percent. As I sat there watching, I thought to myself, 'Oh, my goodness. I have no idea what they'll do when the cameras start rolling because they're not rolling yet, and they're going to annihilate each other!' It was truly remarkable. I'm grateful that I got to witness it as a spectator and fully experience the energy."

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