Johnny Knoxville Reveals Worst Jackass Injury

With a treasure trove of Jackass content spanning over two decades, numerous injuries suffered by the cast have been captured on film. Johnny Knoxville, the iconic face of the franchise, has been at the epicenter of most of these mishaps. As part of the promotional efforts for Jackass Forever, Knoxville made a shocking revelation: medical professionals had strongly advised him to refrain from subjecting himself to shots to the head. Knoxville has candidly shared details about the many injuries he has endured throughout the years, with some of the most severe incidents occurring outside the realm of Jackass. However, he recently disclosed that the most excruciating experience actually transpired early on in his tenure with Jackass.

Recalling his painful journey, Knoxville shared, "Concussions are terrible, and fractures aren't exactly pleasant either. But surprisingly, the worst pain I've ever felt, I think, was from the pepper spray. It may not sound as extreme, but let me tell you, it felt like someone had ignited a fire in my eyes and then doused it with kerosene, all for a relentless 20 or 30 minutes. I despised that sensation. Of course, there have been other instances that were likely more agonizing, but the pepper spray incident is right up there." Devoted Jackass enthusiasts may remember that Knoxville's encounter with pepper spray was actually captured long before the inception of Jackass, specifically during the filming of the Big Brother video, Number Two.

During the same interview, when asked if his hospitalization after being flung by a bull and landing on his head was the most financially burdensome incident, Knoxville recollected some other grim injuries he had endured over the years.

"I honestly don't know. I'm trying to think of all of them, and how many time's I'd have to go back to different doctors. I don't know that answer to that one. My concussions are probably my worst injuries. I did have a blow out fracture of my left eye once where it popped out and it had to go back in. That happened a couple times, once in the bathroom and then another time when I was waking around with Pontius. With the injury I had, the blowout fracture, I wasn't supposed to sneeze for like six weeks or something and I'm like, I have allergies...But I was walking around with Pontius and he said something funny and for whatever reason I grabbed my nose it was like -doink-. It doesn't come out that far, like a little past Marty Feldman."

Since the debut of Jackass Forever, there hasn't been any official confirmation regarding the future of the franchise. According to a previous report, there were plans for a new television series exclusively for Paramount+, but as of now, no progress has been announced for either the TV show or another film.

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