Jury Duty Producer Teases Possible Season 2 After Emmy Nominations

One of the standout success stories in television this year is Freevee, Amazon's ad-supported streaming service that offers free content. Jury Duty, a unique show that places an unsuspecting individual in a chaotic courtroom filled with actors, has garnered a substantial following since its debut. This week, the acclaimed comedy received recognition with multiple Emmy nominations.

The series itself earned a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series, while James Marsden, the show's star, received a nod for supporting actor. Following the announcement of the nominations, Deadline caught up with the executive producer to discuss the possibility of a second season.

"Well, who knows? Once the WGA strike concludes, it's something we can contemplate. It's a potential endeavor we might pursue," Bernad commented. "But for now, we are celebrating Jury Duty and everyone who contributed to its success, including the entire team at Freevee, who deserve significant credit for taking a chance on this project."

"I have tremendous admiration for the writers, Cody Heller, Andrew Weinberg, Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupinsky, and Nick Hatton, one of our outstanding producers. The cast, including James and the rest of the talented actors, devoted a considerable part of their lives to the show. They all deserve this recognition."

Regarding James Marsden, Bernad shared a heartfelt moment with the actor following the nomination announcements. Marsden received his first Emmy nomination, not specifically for his work on Jury Duty.

"This is the third time I've collaborated with him after a long search for a comedy project we could work on together," Bernad explained. "I feel that he has always been undervalued as a performer, not just in general, but especially as a comedic actor. I am thrilled for him because he is not only incredibly talented but also one of the kindest and most genuine individuals you will ever work with, a true professional."

What Is Jury Duty About?

"Jury Duty began with a simple question: Could we create a sitcom similar to The Office, set in a courtroom, featuring talented comedic actors, and center it around an unknowing individual surrounded by actors?" recalled executive producer Todd Schulman during the premiere of the freely streamed series on Freevee. "To be honest, we had no clue, but when we presented the idea to Freevee, we acted as if it was a guaranteed success. Thankfully, we managed to make it work."

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