Kick Adds a New Feature to Better Filter Streams

Over the past few weeks, the streaming platform Kick has been experiencing significant growth and gaining momentum. Despite launching earlier this year, it has already managed to attract popular streamers like xQc and Amouranth to make the switch from Twitch. This is largely due to Kick's more favorable revenue split for content creators. However, the Kick team is not resting on their laurels. They have recently announced an enhancement to the platform's filtering capabilities, allowing users to personalize their streaming experience further. 

The news was shared by Jake Lucky, who discovered the new filters and shared the information on Twitter. The process of using these filters is quite straightforward. Users can access the settings tab and locate the options at the bottom of the screen. There, they will find the ability to filter out gambling and hot tub streams. Once selected, a simple reload of Kick's main page will remove these types of streams entirely from the home page, tailoring the content to the user's preferences.


This is a valuable addition for individuals who wish to filter out specific content or for those who want to monitor the streams their children are viewing. Since it is an opt-in feature, it will not impact the viewing experience unless desired. Enabling the filters means that the respective streamers will no longer be visible, potentially resulting in reduced visibility for them. Nonetheless, overall, Kick's decision to provide users with customizable options to curate their home page appears to be a wise move, empowering users to tailor their streaming experience according to their preferences.

Indeed, there seems to be a competition between Kick and Twitch to create a platform that appeals to both users and content creators. Currently, Kick's standout feature is its improved revenue split, which serves as a significant selling point. Additionally, features like the ability to filter out specific types of streams may be appealing to those seeking to build an audience away from certain content categories.

However, it's worth noting that Twitch still holds a larger userbase, which makes it challenging for many streamers to depart unless they receive substantial incentives or exclusive deals from Twitch. The established user community and reach of Twitch make it a dominant force in the streaming industry. Nevertheless, Kick's efforts to offer alternatives and attract streamers with favorable revenue-sharing models and customizable features demonstrate its ambition to compete with Twitch.

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