Kyoto Animation to Stream Fourth Anniversary Memorial


According to a recent tweet by Jさん (@/soukatsu_), Kyoto Animation has unveiled plans for a memorial event commemorating the victims who tragically lost their lives in the KyoAni arson four years ago. Originally scheduled as an in-person gathering on July 18, the studio has decided to host the memorial online instead. This decision was made with the utmost concern for everyone's safety and to avoid any confusion regarding the accessibility of the 1st Studio and the company premises. Similar to the previous year, the memorial video will be streamed on YouTube, allowing a global audience to participate. The streaming will take place on July 18, beginning at 10:30 AM and concluding at 10:40 AM JST. A moment of silence will be observed at 10:35 AM, serving as a solemn tribute. The memorial video will be available for viewing throughout the entire day of July 18.

According to the notice provided, the studio explicitly requested that fans refrain from visiting the premises of the 1st Studio and its surrounding areas. Additionally, Kyoto Animation kindly asked fans to refrain from sending flowers or any form of monetary condolence gifts. The notice expressed the enduring grief that the studio continues to experience, even after the passage of four years since the tragic incident at their 1st Studio. However, the notice also acknowledged the unwavering support of their fans, which has been instrumental in enabling the studio to persevere and continue creating animation works. The studio expressed sincere gratitude to each and every supporter, emphasizing that their ongoing support has played a significant role in the studio's journey.

On the morning of July 18, 2019, a man named Shinji Aoba, aged 41, entered Kyoto Animation's 1st studio and ignited the building using 40 liters of gasoline. The resulting fire claimed the lives of 36 individuals and left 34 others injured, including the perpetrator. Aoba had alleged that Kyoto Animation had plagiarized one of his novels, but subsequent police investigations found no basis for these claims. Pre-trial proceedings commenced on May 8, and Aoba is scheduled to make his first appearance in court on September 5. A verdict is expected to be delivered in January 2024.

Initially, Kyoto Animation had expressed its intention to establish a memorial site to commemorate the victims of the tragic incident. However, the studio ultimately reconsidered this plan due to concerns voiced by local residents regarding potential disruptions to their "peaceful lifestyle." Nevertheless, in May 2023, the studio made a new announcement outlining its commitment to constructing two memorial sites. One of these sites will be publicly accessible, while the other will be located within the business facilities at the site of the attack. This decision aims to strike a balance between paying tribute to the victims and addressing the concerns of the neighborhood. Since 2020, a memorial video has been streamed annually to commemorate the victims, and this tradition will continue on the fourth anniversary.

The memorial video in observance of the fourth anniversary will be broadcast on July 18, and it will be available for streaming on the official KyoAni YouTube channel.

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