LinkedIn Pilots AI-Powered 'LinkedIn Coach' to Assist Your App Usage

LinkedIn seems to be going all out with AI integrations. After recently introducing AI assistants that can write profiles, enhance job ads, and even create trending feed posts on users' behalf, they are now testing a comprehensive AI tool called 'LinkedIn Coach.'

This new application aims to assist users by providing guidance through the different profile-building and usage options available in the app.

As demonstrated in this example shared by app researcher Nima Owji, LinkedIn Coach will assist you in: “Apply for jobs, learn new skills, and find more ways to connect with your network – all backed by the power of AI.”

It seems like there's an AI helper bot designed specifically for LinkedIn, which can also respond to general questions like "What's the culture of Microsoft?" while maintaining an objective tone.

However, this could pose a problem as it might lead to more users automating their interactions on LinkedIn. This automation could create a disconnect between genuine people and opportunities, undermining the platform's purpose.

By using AI to generate LinkedIn posts and simulate job applications, users might present themselves as more knowledgeable and experienced than they actually are, potentially misrepresenting their true skills and qualifications.

Using AI tools in the job search process might make it difficult for hiring managers to discern the authenticity of applicants. This could lead to increased caution from hiring managers and prompt them to focus more on testing candidates' actual capabilities during interviews rather than relying on their LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn risks damaging its core offering if it becomes overly automated, similar to its parent company Microsoft's approach with generative AI. If the platform becomes inundated with simulated content and indistinguishable job applications, trust in the platform's credibility could diminish, ultimately eroding LinkedIn's essence.

While generative AI can be beneficial in moderation and an assistive capacity, there's a concern that it might be used excessively, potentially leading to a culture of bots trying to impress other bots within the app.

The hope is that generative AI will be used responsibly, but there's a possibility that this might not be the case. The trend towards generative AI is strong, and striking the right balance is crucial to preserving the authenticity and value of LinkedIn's core purpose.

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