Manta Comics Reveals Plans to Launch Over 10 More Original Series In 2023


Manta Comics has recently revealed its plans to launch over 10 original series in the latter part of 2023. The digital comics platform, known for its webcomics adapted from webnovels and licensed movies owned by RIDI Corporation, aims to expand its in-house productions. Manta Studios, the in-house team composed of experienced creators, will spearhead the creation of these new series. Already showcasing their capabilities, Manta Studios has released Falling for Danger in June, with Countdown to Love and The Lady Alchemist scheduled for release in July. Earlier this year, the platform introduced three original works: The Blood Moon, Werewolves Going Crazy Over Me, and The Superheroes of Class F.

Moonseok Jeong, COO and Head of Content at Manta, expressed enthusiasm about Manta Studios' new creations and the boundless possibilities they offer. "Manta Studios is at the core of our success, and we are delighted to present the team's latest endeavors and their limitless potential," Jeong stated. "Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering stories that resonate with readers worldwide, and the continuous expansion of our Studio's capabilities will play a vital role in establishing Manta as a premier brand offering exceptional storytelling across various genres."

What Kind of Stories Are Coming From Manta Comics?

Falling for Danger, which debuted on June 26, tells the story of Hale Windsor, a hitman who seeks revenge after his organization betrays him and kills the love of his life before his eyes. However, his fortunes take a turn when he encounters Marine, a girl who enters his life. The webcomic currently boasts seven chapters.

Countdown to Love, the first BL series from Manta Studios, centers around Hoon, who possesses the ability to see a timer in the sky. He soon discovers that his classmate Haedam shares this unique ability. Countdown to Love is scheduled for release on July 7.

Adapted from Samantha Vitale's original novel, The Lady Alchemist offers a steampunk-inspired retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin fairytale. The narrative revolves around Sepha, a woman who encounters an enigmatic figure willing to transform straw into gold. However, the bargain demands her firstborn child. The Lady Alchemist is set to premiere on July 14.

Additionally, Manta Comics announced the appointment of Stephen Lee as the Chief Business Development Officer. Lee will oversee the company's expansion, strategy, and sales initiatives in the IP business.

Since its launch in November 2020, Manta Comics has garnered over 10 million downloads, securing its position as the top comics app on Google Play in the United States, Mexico, and Spain. Fans can access the Manta Comics app on both Android and iOS devices.

Source: Manta Comics

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