Mashle: Magic and Muscles Releases Final Chapter: Read


Mashle: Magic and Muscles has concluded its three-year run with the latest and final chapter of the manga released in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine! While fans eagerly await the return of the anime adaptation for Hajime Komoto's original Mashle manga with Season 2, the manga's conclusion has been in progress for some time. The final arc of the Mashle manga began in Spring last year, showcasing Mash Burnedead and his friends facing their toughest adversaries yet. After numerous struggles, the climactic battle has finally reached its conclusion.

In the preceding chapters of the Mashle: Magic and Muscles manga, the conflict between Mash and Innocent Zero reached its climax as the nefarious sorcerer attempted to unleash chaos upon the world using his control over time. However, Mash chose to extend a final chance to the villain and opted not to harbor any grudges. In a surprising turn, this decision prompted the antagonist to employ his time magic, reversing all the damage inflicted in the series' penultimate chapter. Now, everything reaches its conclusion, with the entire world acknowledging Mash's remarkable efforts despite his lack of inherent magical abilities.


How Does Mashle End? 

In Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 161's thrilling "Super Climax," Innocent Zero utilized his time manipulation abilities to reverse all the damage caused during the final battles. As a result, all the fallen fighters were resurrected, and Mash's heart was restored to its rightful place within his chest. Several months later, an unexpected revelation emerged—Mash, despite lacking any innate magic, would become the next Divine Visionary, a historical first. However, in the penultimate chapter, it was unveiled that Mash harbored no desire to accept this prestigious promotion and decided to forgo the ceremony altogether.

Mash's elation stemmed from the fact that society, which had long looked down upon individuals without magic like himself, embraced someone without magical powers to such a significant extent. His true aspiration was to pursue his dream of opening a bakery, where he could share his extraordinary cream puff recipe with the world. Rather than accepting invitations to become a Divine Visionary, Mash and his friends embarked on numerous joyous adventures, basking in a future filled with happiness and peace. Eventually, the era of discrimination against those without magic came to an end.

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