Mass Effect 4 Is Still Only in Pre-Production at BioWare

BioWare has confirmed that its upcoming Mass Effect game, often referred to as Mass Effect 4, is still in the pre-production phase. The game was first announced in late 2021, and due to its early stage of development, details about the project remain scarce. Unfortunately, fans hoping for new information in 2023 may need to prepare for ongoing silence in the coming months.

In a recent blog post on BioWare's website, BioWare GM Gary McKay emphasized that Mass Effect 4 is still in the pre-production stage. This means that the team is currently weaving together the initial ideas for the game's scope, story, and design. McKay mentioned that the project is led by a group of experienced storytellers but didn't provide any further updates on the game's progress.

"As we look to the future, BioWare is committed to being a leader in developing immersive, emotionally engaging single-player games, with teams primarily located in Austin and Edmonton. This entails a renewed focus on our two key franchises: Dragon Age and Mass Effect," said McKay. "Regarding Mass Effect, we are continuing pre-production with a core team of seasoned storytellers who are bringing the rich franchise history forward in an exciting new way."

Despite the announcement of Mass Effect 4, BioWare has consistently emphasized that its next major game is Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Similar to ME4, Dreadwolf does not have a release window yet and has not been showcased by the studio. When BioWare eventually breaks the silence surrounding their projects, it is clear that Dreadwolf will take the spotlight initially. As for Mass Effect 4, it may still be years before significant updates or announcements are made.

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