Metalocalypse's San Diego Comic-Con Panel Cancelled Amid Actors' Strike

Metalocalypse is set to make its return later this summer with a highly anticipated feature film releasing on home video. However, the proposed panel for Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 has been canceled due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Fans of Metalocalypse were excited when Adult Swim and Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment announced the revival of the franchise for a new movie set after the events of the original series. Originally scheduled for a showcase during San Diego Comic-Con 2023, the franchise had high hopes for its panel.

Unfortunately, the Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar panel was canceled as series co-creator Brendon Small, who also voices many of the characters, announced on Twitter that he would not be attending the convention in solidarity with the SAG-AFTRA strike. He explained that strike rules prohibit promotion at SDCC, and he apologized for any inconvenience caused. The overall SDCC schedule reflects the cancellation of the planned Metalocalypse panel.

Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar SDCC 2023 Panel Cancelled

The panel would have featured Brendon Small and other cast and crew members, presenting previews of the upcoming movie, which is set to release digitally and on Blu-ray on August 22nd. However, due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, the panel has been canceled, joining the list of other affected panels at the event.

Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar, written and directed by Brendon Small, is produced by Titmouse, Adult Swim, and Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment. The movie is teased to continue the story after Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera. The synopsis for the film reads as follows: "The all-new animated movie begins after the heroic rescue of Toki Wartooth; DETHKLOK frontman Nathan Explosion finds himself traumatized in a BRUTAL professional and romantic flat-spin, all while he is tasked with fulfilling the prophecy and confronting the ultimate songwriting challenge to save the planet. Can Nathan Explosion look beyond his brutally damaged ego to save his band, stop the Metalocalypse, and finally face the ultimate evil: Salacia?"

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