Minecraft Devs Leave Subreddit Due to Controversial Reddit Changes


Reddit has recently implemented changes to its API that have posed challenges and increased costs for third-party apps attempting to access the site. These modifications have made it more difficult for moderators to effectively manage their subreddits, leading to instances where certain subs have gone dark for days in protest. Now, the official Minecraft subreddit has taken a notable step in response. A developer from the Minecraft team, identified as u/sliced_lemon on Reddit, has announced that they will no longer post official content on the r/Minecraft subreddit or direct players there for assistance.

The announcement was made by the Minecraft Java tech lead, who expressed concerns about the impact of Reddit's management decisions on moderation across multiple subreddits. They stated, "Due to these changes, we no longer believe that Reddit is a suitable platform for sharing official content or directing our players to." Essentially, they have concluded that the current state of Reddit does not warrant its use for official Minecraft posts. Instead, they are directing users to their official feedback site at minecraft.net or encouraging them to reach out via other social media channels.


However, it's important to note that the Minecraft subreddit is not shutting down entirely. Sliced_lemon emphasizes that users are still "welcome to post unofficial update threads going forward." However, official content from the Minecraft team will be absent until there is a change in Reddit's policies. Given the recent trajectory of events, it appears unlikely that Reddit will be a viable platform for Minecraft players in the near future.

The stance taken by the Minecraft team against Reddit's API changes is notable, considering the game's large following. The changes have faced significant backlash from users since their announcement, and now their impact is directly affecting the usability of a popular subreddit. While players will still have alternative avenues to stay updated on the latest Minecraft information, the absence of Reddit as a source will undoubtedly impact the number of users frequenting r/Minecraft.

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