Minx Star Elizabeth Perkins Shares Her Excitement About Joining Season 2

The breakout sitcom of 2022, Minx, set in the 1970s, captivated audiences with its unique premise and vibrant setting, delivering a hilarious and enthralling experience that set it apart from other comedies. Despite facing a rollercoaster journey from renewal by HBO Max to a production cancellation, and finally finding a new home on STARZ, fans were uncertain if they would have the chance to reunite with their beloved ensemble of characters. However, the return of Minx not only brings back the fan-favorite figures but also introduces Elizabeth Perkins as the character Constance. Season 2 of Minx is set to premiere on STARZ on July 21st.

Expressing her excitement to join the series, Perkins shared with ComicBook.com, "This was one of my favorite shows last year, and I absolutely loved it. I binge-watched the whole thing. I was so thrilled about it. The 1970s in Los Angeles, the fashion, the cars, the way people spoke, combined with the San Fernando Valley's porn industry and the rise of feminism—it ticked all the right boxes for me. Then I received a call asking if I wanted to be a part of Minx, and I immediately said, 'Yes, please. Yes, bring me on board.' They explained the character to me, a fascinating wealthy titan, and I still said, 'Yes.'"

She continued, "When we first encounter Constance, she is languishing in her villa surrounded by naked men, dogs, and butlers. She has reached a point in her life where she is bored and yearns for something edgier. Entering the world of Minx is exactly what she needs. Once she steps into the bullpen, her entrepreneurial spirit takes over, and she declares, 'We're going global with this, baby.' However, whether that aligns with everyone else's desires or affects the characters positively or negatively remains to be seen—it could be both."

Set against the backdrop of 1970s Los Angeles, Minx follows the journey of Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond), an earnest young feminist who teams up with a low-budget publisher (Jake Johnson) to create the first erotic magazine for women. In Season 2, Doug, Joyce, and the entire Bottom Dollar crew navigate the explosive success of Minx, which takes them on thrilling new adventures and brings in more money, fame, and temptation than they ever imagined handling.

In Season 1, Doug and Joyce found themselves vying for control of the magazine, each with their own vision. With the introduction of Constance, the possibilities for collaboration or even a power struggle become apparent. There is potential for her to align her ideas with either Doug or Joyce, or even attempt to seize control entirely for herself.

Perkins explained, "Initially, Constance is intrigued by the sexual aspect of the magazine and can't resist the opportunity to elevate it to greater heights because that's her nature. It's ingrained in her. So, she takes on the challenge and thinks, 'Why not take this all the way to the top? Why not become the next Playboy?' It's a natural instinct for her, and her method of achieving that is through manipulation."

Get ready for the highly anticipated Season 2 of Minx, where the dynamics among Doug, Joyce, and Constance will unfold. The series returns to STARZ on July 21st, promising more captivating moments and comedic brilliance.

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