Minx Stars Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond Talk Season 2

One of the most delightful on-screen relationships to debut in 2022 was between Jake Johnson's Doug and Ophelia Lovibond's Joyce in the HBO Max series Minx. Their dynamic, rooted in a mix of antagonism and deep respect, captured viewers' hearts. Now, the duo returns for the highly anticipated Season 2 of the show, which has found a new home on STARZ. Despite the platform change, Doug and Joyce are back to their old antics, and the 1970s setting allows the stars to embrace a heightened tone. Minx Season 2 is set to premiere on STARZ on July 21st.

Speaking about his character's evolution in Season 2, Johnson shared with ComicBook.com, "I feel like Doug, in Season 2, faces the consequences of his actions more frequently. Joyce, on the other hand, becomes a bit more unpredictable and wild in Season 2. I think Doug gets his fair share of punishment this time around. In Season 1, I don't believe Doug did anything inherently wrong. We had some debates on set about who was right and who wasn't. But by the end of Season 1, Doug sincerely apologizes and makes amends. So, I thought he had learned his lesson."

He continued, "In Season 2, Doug finds himself out of his element and struggling because he faces various challenges. So, my question was more about Doug receiving punishment, and if there's a Season 3, perhaps it's time for Joyce to face some consequences. Maybe the rest of the Bottom Dollar crew needs to face the repercussions for their lack of loyalty to the brand."

Set against the backdrop of 1970s Los Angeles, Minx follows the journey of Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond), an earnest young feminist who teams up with a low-budget publisher (Jake Johnson) to create the first-ever erotic magazine for women. In Season 2, Doug, Joyce, and the entire Bottom Dollar crew navigate the explosive success of Minx, which takes them on thrilling new adventures and brings in more money, fame, and temptation than they ever imagined handling.

Regarding the shift in dynamic, Joyce delivers some of the series' most hilarious lines, including a clever remark about "schlongs without context." Lovibond further emphasized how her character's interplay with Doug, played by Jake Johnson, led to some of her favorite moments on set.

"I actually really enjoyed that line because it comes at the beginning of the scene when she says, 'Minxy, when did that become an adjective?' And then as she tries to convince him that having the journalist there is a terrible idea, she ends up using it as an adjective herself. She exclaims, 'God damn it,' and realizes," Lovibond shared. "Those scenes between Joyce and Doug are always my anchor because it's the dynamic between the two of them, the contrast in their approaches that creates the comedic tension. Whenever we have those scenes, and I'm not just saying this because he's here, I genuinely love doing them because they allow for playful exploration. That scene was particularly fun as it sets up the final glimpse of sensible Joyce before she fully lets her hair down."

Minx Season 2 is set to premiere on STARZ on July 21st.

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