Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Brought In Some Wild Talent for Its Finale

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury has undoubtedly become one of the most acclaimed additions to the mech battling franchise in recent memory. As the anime adaptation recently concluded its second season, fans are still grappling with the potential end of Suletta Mercury's remarkable journey. In light of the recent finale, the anime production is taking the opportunity to shed light on the extensive team of animators involved in bringing Suletta's compelling story to a close.

The soaring popularity of The Witch From Mercury is undeniable. Originally conceived as an effort to attract a younger generation of Gundam fans, the series has made an enormous impact, solidifying the Gundam franchise as one of Bandai Namco's biggest juggernauts in terms of merchandising. Notably, the popularity of Gundam Aerial, a spin-off from The Witch From Mercury, has played a significant role in skyrocketing sales of Gundam plastic models. While there hasn't been any official word on the potential for a third season of Gundam's latest installment, given its tremendous success, it would hardly be surprising if Suletta's story continued in some form or fashion.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Animators From Mercury

The final episode of The Witch From Mercury's second season left fans astounded as the credits revealed an impressive roster of 94 key animators involved in its production. The sheer number of animators, considering the episode's duration of around 20 minutes, highlights the remarkable dedication of Bandai Namco Filmworks to the Gundam franchise. The quality showcased in the season finale truly demonstrates the studio's commitment to delivering exceptional animation.

While the future of The Witch From Mercury remains uncertain, the Gundam franchise has already announced an exciting lineup of new anime projects in the pipeline. At Anime Expo, it was revealed that a new Gundam SEED film is in development, along with a forthcoming anime series titled "Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance". Although updates have been sparse regarding the future films of the Hathaway's Flash series, originally planned as a trilogy, fans eagerly await further news and developments in this beloved Gundam saga.

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