Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Donald Glover's New Remake Gets First Look and Release Window in New Teaser

The highly anticipated TV remake of Mr. & Mrs. Smith is finally on its way to Amazon Prime Video, more than two years after it was initially announced. Co-created and executive produced by Donald Glover, the upcoming series is a fresh take on the 2005 film, which featured Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as married spies. Following an extensive development and production process, which included the recasting of Glover's co-star, Amazon Studios is now gearing up to bring the series to audiences.

Recently, Prime Video unveiled a teaser highlighting the upcoming shows and movies scheduled to arrive on the streaming service in the second half of the year. Among the featured snippets was a glimpse of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, accompanied by the announcement that the series will premiere in November. While a specific release date has not been disclosed yet, fans can catch a glimpse of the teaser video below!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Cast

Alongside Francesca Sloane, Donald Glover takes on the role of one of the spies in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, in addition to his co-creator responsibilities. When the series was initially announced, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the creator and star of Fleabag, was set to portray the other half of the couple alongside Glover. However, Waller-Bridge later departed from the project.

Ultimately, Maya Erskine, the Emmy-nominated co-creator and star of Hulu's PEN15, secured the other lead role. Erskine is known for her notable performance in the acclaimed romantic comedy Plus One and recently made appearances in multiple episodes of Lucasfilm's Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Joining the cast of Mr. & Mrs. Smith are Michaela Coel from I May Destroy You, as well as John Turturro and Paul Dano from The Batman.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Series Exit

When the announcement of the Mr. & Mrs. Smith series was made, many were not surprised to see Phoebe Waller-Bridge involved, given her overall deal with Amazon and her previous collaboration with Donald Glover on Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, due to creative differences, Waller-Bridge departed from the series in 2021.

As Waller-Bridge gears up for her starring role in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny this summer, she was asked about her decision to leave Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In response, she likened it to a marriage that simply didn't work out.

"For six months, I poured my heart and mind into that show and genuinely cared about it—I still do," she shared with Vanity Fair last month. "And I know it's going to be fantastic. But sometimes, you have to recognize when it's time to step away. You don't want to hinder someone else's vision."

"Some marriages just don't work out," she added.

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