MrBeast Reveals Downsides of Being Famous

MrBeast has recently opened up about the downside of his immense fame. As one of the most influential individuals of our time, MrBeast's rise to prominence on YouTube has been unprecedented. Unlike traditional celebrities such as athletes, movie stars, or musicians, he gained his massive following through years of hard work, trial and error, and a keen understanding of what resonates with his audience. Currently the most subscribed individual YouTuber worldwide, MrBeast has utilized his success to create astonishing content, often reinvesting his video revenue into extravagant games and charitable endeavors.

However, the price of fame comes with its own set of challenges. In a podcast with YouTubers Colin and Samir, MrBeast candidly discussed his career and its implications. He revealed that he can no longer participate in large crowds or engage in ordinary public activities. Specifically, he mentioned that he is unable to enjoy a movie at a theater without buying out the entire venue, as people tend to film him during the movie. Furthermore, due to his public persona and association with significant wealth, he has experienced break-ins, leading him to hire round-the-clock security. He also expressed the constant pressure of being "always on" because people are constantly filming him. Despite acknowledging these downsides, MrBeast emphasized that he is aware of the privilege he possesses and is not taking his success for granted.


After witnessing MrBeast's fitness journey, Arnold Schwarzenegger extended an invitation to the YouTuber to join him for a workout session. The renowned Hollywood legend recognized MrBeast's efforts to inspire others and encouraged him to continue doing so. While it is uncertain whether this collaboration will result in future content, considering MrBeast's entrepreneurial mindset, it is difficult to imagine that he won't find a way to leverage this opportunity in some manner.

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