My Adventures With Superman Clip Shows Clark's Escape from Krypton


A new clip from the upcoming series "My Adventures With Superman" has been released, showcasing the iconic moment of Kal-El's escape from his home planet of Krypton. The clip was shared on Twitter and features Clark Kent's (voiced by Jack Quaid) dramatic departure from the doomed planet. In the scene, Clark is visited by a holographic figure, presumably his father Jor-El, who places his hands on Clark's temples, triggering a vision of the catastrophic events that led to his arrival on Earth. As the vision unfolds, Clark witnesses his separation from his mother and being placed into an escape pod just before Krypton's destruction.

Created by Jake Wyatt and produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Studios, "My Adventures with Superman" is an animated series that explores the coming-of-age journey of Clark Kent, who is in his 20s, as he settles in Metropolis. There, he forms friendships with Lois Lane (voiced by Alice Lee) and Jimmy Olsen (voiced by Ishmael Sahid). Balancing his dual life as both the legendary Man of Steel and an ordinary individual becomes the central focus of the show, which is set to air on Adult Swim. While specific details remain limited, viewers can anticipate the appearance of familiar characters such as Clark's cousin Kara Zor-El, Lana Lang, and, as showcased in the earlier clip, his father Jor-El.

Jack Quaid's History With Sci-Fi and Superheroes

Jack Quaid, known for his portrayal of Hughie Campbell in Prime Video's "The Boys" and as the voice of Boimler in "Star Trek: Lower Decks," lends his voice to Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman in the animated series "My Adventures With Superman." Quaid, who expressed his excitement about taking on the role of The Last Son of Krypton, sees it as an incredible opportunity to immerse himself in various universes. Reflecting on his involvement in "Star Trek," "Superman," and a world where superheroes are flawed and manipulated, Quaid views it as a thrilling challenge.

In a recent interview, series creator Jake Wyatt and producer Josie Campbell lauded Quaid's humor and passion that he brings to the character of Clark. Wyatt described Quaid as "funny as hell" and praised his impeccable comedic timing, while Campbell highlighted Quaid's deep love for Superman, noting his dedication to every line, emotion, and episode.

"My Adventures With Superman" is currently airing on Adult Swim, inviting viewers into a new and exciting chapter of Clark Kent's superheroic journey.

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