My Adventures With Superman Has a Shocking Rick & Morty Connection


My Adventures With Superman has premiered its initial two episodes, presenting Metropolis' iconic superhero in a fresh perspective. As the tale of Clark Kent unfolds anew, it is only natural that he will confront well-known adversaries from the DC Universe. However, in a surprising twist, a familiar antagonist from the animated series has made an unexpected appearance, establishing a significant link to another popular Adult Swim show, Rick And Morty.

Warning: If you have yet to watch the first two episodes of My Adventures With Superman, be aware that we will be delving into significant spoiler territory. Although it might be anticipated by numerous fans of Superman that Lex Luthor would be the initial antagonist faced by Clark Kent, the newest series has defied expectations. In a surprising twist, instead of going up against Lex, Clark found himself confronting Livewire, but that wasn't all. In the second episode, he unexpectedly crossed paths with a white-haired mercenary well-known to many DC enthusiasts—Deathstroke The Terminator, also known as Slade Wilson. This encounter marked the introduction of Amanda Waller and Task Force X, popularly known as the Suicide Squad, who joined the fray alongside Superman in battling Livewire and Deathstroke.

Jerry The Terminator

This fresh portrayal of Deathstroke features the voice talent of none other than Chris Parnell, known for his role as Jerry in Rick and Morty. Fans may be pleasantly surprised by this casting choice, as Parnell has primarily been associated with comedic roles in shows like Rick and Morty, Archer, and 30 Rock. Taking on the character of Slade Wilson marks a significant departure from Parnell's previous roles.

Leading up to the show's release, the actor behind the voice of Superman discussed his approach to portraying Clark Kent in an interview with Collider. Here's what Jack Quaid shared: "All-Star Superman was a big inspiration. I think with that one you really do get to see how absolutely genuine that character is. Superman For All Seasons does a similar thing. Those were two really big inspirations for my rendition of Superman. What I liked about this version was he's Clark first, you know. He starts off like Clark isn't a persona he puts on in order to be more appealing or to have people underestimate him. That's who he is deep down, and he's still figuring out who he is as Superman, all the while juggling being an intern at a newspaper, and he very much wants to be a reporter as well, which I think is so cool."

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