My Adventures With Superman Producers Praise Jack Quaid's Comedic Performance

Jake Wyatt and Josie Campbell, the producers of My Adventures with Superman, recently commended Jack Quaid for his impeccable comedic timing during the recording of his lines as the iconic Man of Steel.

In an interview with Screen Rant prior to the animated show's premiere, the producers expressed their admiration for Quaid's performance in My Adventures with Superman. Wyatt enthusiastically remarked, "He's incredibly funny. Jack Quaid has a natural comedic talent and flawless timing." Wyatt also acknowledged Quaid's unwavering dedication, stating, "We have to allocate extra time for Jack because he is always striving for perfection. Even when we think a take is great, he insists on doing better. He is a true professional, deeply committed to his craft, and his wit shines through with brilliant jokes." Campbell echoed these sentiments, emphasizing Quaid's profound affection for the Superman character. "We thought we were passionate about Superman, but Jack's love for the character surpasses ours," she revealed. "He invests himself fully in every line, every emotion, and every episode."

My Adventures with Superman, developed by Jake Wyatt and produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Studios, presents a serialized coming-of-age narrative with Jack Quaid portraying a twenty-something Clark Kent. Alongside the talented and driven Lois Lane, played by Alice Lee, and their loyal friend Jimmy Olsen, portrayed by Ishmel Sahid, the trio embarks on a journey of self-discovery while working as an investigative reporting team at the esteemed Daily Planet. This exciting animated series promises to showcase the enduring bond between the characters and their remarkable potential.

Jack Quaid Doesn't Take Playing Superman for Granted

Quaid, who previously delved into the superhero genre as Hughie Campbell in Prime Video's The Boys, acknowledges the rarity of portraying DC's iconic Big Blue Boy Scout. "It's definitely a challenge, but I see it more as an incredible opportunity," he confessed. "Actually, it's not just an opportunity; it's a chance to immerse myself in these diverse universes. I mean, think about it—I get to be a part of Star Trek, Superman, and even this mind-bending world where superheroes exist and are manipulated from birth to become superhuman. It's mind-blowing."

James Gunn Finds His Superman

With My Adventures of Superman already securing a Season 2 renewal, DC fans can look forward to witnessing more of Quaid's portrayal of Superman in the near future. However, he won't be the sole depiction of the beloved character onscreen. James Gunn recently confirmed that David Corenswet has been selected to play Clark Kent/Superman in his highly-anticipated DC Universe film reboot, Superman: Legacy. Principal photography for Legacy is set to commence in early 2024, and the film is currently slated for a theatrical release in July 2025.

The premiere of My Adventures with Superman is scheduled for July 6 on Adult Swim, with subsequent episodes available for streaming on Max the following day.

Via Screen Rant

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