My Adventures With Superman's Villains Lean Into the Comics' Sci-Fi Origins

Executive producer Jake Wyatt aimed to capture the essence of Superman's sci-fi origins through the selection of villains in the animated series My Adventures with Superman.

During an interview with CBR, Wyatt shed light on the process of choosing iconic adversaries to confront the Last Son of Krypton in the show. "We brainstormed three key ideas," he explained. "Firstly, we took a 'toy box' approach where the writers and I came together to determine what could genuinely pose a threat to Superman. We considered elements such as electricity, heat, and cold, questioning the extent of his resistance to these forces. Additionally, as we didn't want to grant him all his powers right from the start of the series, we wanted him to exhibit a degree of vulnerability. So, part of the process involved delving into the figurative toy chest to identify what could potentially harm him."

Wyatt further emphasized their desire to embrace Superman's earliest origins as a sci-fi comic, indicating that each opponent the Man of Steel encounters will be rooted in science fiction. "We consciously avoided introducing magical or mystical elements," Wyatt clarified. "That was the other big thing, which is why you can see, in the later episodes, we've matched Ivo and Parasite or Mxyzptlk. [It] feels a little more interdimensional. We tried to lean into the hard science villains and make sure that everybody's powers had a plausibly defensibly scientific explanation. Those are the big thrusts."

What Can Fans Expect From This Superman?

My Adventures with Superman is an animated television series that revolves around Clark Kent's early years as the iconic superhero. The show also focuses on a young Lois Lane, who is on her way to becoming one of the most influential reporters at the Daily Planet.

Actor Jack Quaid, who lends his voice to Superman in the series, recently shared how previous portrayals of the legendary Kryptonian influenced his performance. Quaid acknowledged that his rendition was particularly influenced by two beloved Superman comic books, namely All-Star Superman and Superman For All Seasons. Furthermore, he revealed that this iteration of Superman is still in the process of carving out a distinct identity separate from his "real" persona as Clark Kent. Quaid explained that exploring Clark's journey of self-discovery as a young adult in his twenties enabled him to deeply connect with the character.

New episodes of My Adventures with Superman premiere every Friday on Adult Swim.

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