My Hero Academia Brings All Might to America in Special New Art

As we delve into the world of My Hero Academia, we witness a narrative that focuses on the next generation of heroes and villains in a society where crime fighters are trained at prestigious universities. While characters like Izuku Midoriya and Shigaraki take center stage in this shonen tale, the story also explores the lives of their predecessors, All Might and All For One respectively. To commemorate the latest Anime Expo, a character designer from the My Hero Academia anime created a vibrant piece of artwork that pays homage to UA Academy with an American-themed twist.

In the previous season of My Hero Academia, Season 6, All Might found himself confronted by the Hero Killer Stain. As the former Symbol of Peace struggled to determine the best approach to healing Hero Society, Toshinori Yagi, known as All Might, faced a dilemma regarding his role in a world where he had lost the majority of his strength. Despite the challenges, he managed to survive his encounter with the villain and even obtained valuable information from the antagonist introduced in Season 2. The Season 6 finale not only provided a much-needed advantage for the heroes in their battle against All For One and Shigaraki but also introduced a new player on the scene: Star And Stripe, America's top hero.

American All Might

Despite All Might being a resident of Japan, his costume and aesthetic in My Hero Academia hardly give away his origins. In the series, it is revealed that Toshinori spent some time in the United States during his youth, even drawing inspiration from Western culture for some of his most powerful attacks. Through his crime-fighting endeavors, All Might paved the way for Star And Stripe to eventually rise as America's top hero. In celebration of Anime Expo, My Hero Academia's Character Designer, Hitomi Odashima, shared an exciting new sketch depicting All Might and Deku embracing the spirit of the Fourth of July.

(Photo: Hitomi Odashima)

Currently, My Hero Academia's manga is in the midst of its Final Arc. Although All Might hasn't been able to regain his former level of power, Toshinori has stepped onto the battlefield once again. With All Might having been predicted to meet his demise on multiple occasions in the past, the last saga for the students of UA Academy may bring a tearful farewell to the former Symbol of Peace. Hopefully, All Might will be able to survive his encounter with All For One and continue to play a vital role in the ongoing narrative.

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