My Hero Academia Explains Why Toga Doesn't Have a Villain Name

In the ongoing final clash between heroes and villains in My Hero Academia, the spotlight is currently on Himiko Toga as she engages in her ultimate battle against Ochaco Uraraka. The latest chapter of the My Hero Academia manga unveils the reason behind Toga's absence of a personal villain code name. Among the members of the League of Villains, Toga stands out as one of the more unconventional individuals, along with Tomura Shigaraki, for her unflinching honesty. Refusing to adopt any false identity, Toga simply strives to live life on her own terms, yet society has branded her a villain as a consequence.

My Hero Academia delves deeper into Toga's character as a villain during her climactic showdown with Ochaco in the recent manga chapters. Fans were previously teased with the promise of discovering her official villain moniker. However, in a surprising twist, the latest chapter discloses that Toga has deliberately chosen not to embrace an official villain name. She consciously opts to live as her genuine self, rejecting the need for an alter ego.

My Hero Academia: Toga's Villain Name Revealed

In My Hero Academia Chapter 393, a revealing flashback uncovers the fact that Toga had turned down the offer to adopt a villain code name from the other members of the League of Villains. Shigaraki then elaborates on a theory behind the usage of hero and villain names, originally intended to identify anonymous adversaries. As the hero system placed increasing emphasis on code names, individuals began associating their identities more strongly with these monikers. However, Toga (or Shigaraki) resisted this trend and desired to join the league as herself, embracing her true identity as Himiko Toga.

Toga has deliberately refrained from adopting an official villain moniker, and her primary motivation for joining the league was to live authentically as Himiko Toga. Presently, this decision has become a source of frustration for Toga, as she witnesses the tragic demise of her close friend Twice due to the machinations of the hero world. Toga believes that she has always acted in her own best interest, staying true to herself amidst a society that thrives on fictional heroes and villains. However, her genuine existence is perceived as a transgression, and she anticipates an inevitable downfall in a world that punishes those who dare to be "real."

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