My Hero Academia Illustrator Gathers Deku and Dynamight in New Sketch


My Hero Academia is currently in the midst of its final arc in the pages of the popular shonen manga. While some major battles have concluded, there are still numerous fights yet to be determined as Class 1-A confronts the nefarious forces of All For One. Seizing the opportunity, one of the prominent artists associated with the superhero series depicted Deku and Bakugo standing side-by-side, leaving fans speculating about the fate of both crime fighters.

When we last saw Dynamight, also known as Bakugo, he had suffered a critical blow delivered by Shigaraki. Grievously wounded, Bakugo's life hung in the balance, but there may be hope for his survival thanks to a timely intervention from the professional hero Edgeshot. While nothing is certain, it appears that the Class 1-A hero might be granted a second chance at life through Edgeshot's intervention. Naturally, Izuku Midoriya didn't receive this news well but has managed to restrain his anger, as the climactic battle between One For All and All For One's successors unfolds.

My Hero Academia: Deku x Dynamight

While not the primary artist for My Hero Academia, Noguchi has been a valuable contributor to the superhero shonen series, lending a helping hand to Kohei Horikoshi on several occasions. In previous instances, this artist has taken the chance to showcase their skills by creating artwork featuring characters like Mirko and portraying younger versions of the series' most prominent characters. Once again venturing into the past, Noguchi offers a depiction of the early days of the two leading heroes.

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My Hero Academia has officially been renewed for its seventh season, which will follow the events of the Paranormal Liberation War and the Dark Hero Saga depicted in the sixth season. As the anime series steadily catches up with the manga, fans of the show have been speculating whether the upcoming season could be its final installment. Regardless of when the series ultimately concludes, one thing is certain: it will conclude with a spectacular climax.

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