My Hero Academia: Is Redemption Even Possible for Toga?

My Hero Academia's villains possess a relentless thirst for bloodshed, with one particular villain truly epitomizing this description. Toga, the malevolent antagonist, wields a Quirk that allows her to assume the appearance of anyone whose blood she consumes. However, through her recent battles, her powers have evolved, elevating her to the ranks of the strongest individuals in Hero Society. Uravity has engaged in a struggle against Toga's darker side, hoping to persuade her to relinquish her villainous ways. But is it conceivable for this member of the League of Villains to be redeemed?

Shonen anime franchises have a recurring tendency to redeem characters who were once considered irredeemable. Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, for instance, committed countless acts of genocide before finding solace on Earth and transforming into a champion of justice. Naruto witnessed the likes of Orochimaru and Obito switching allegiances due to the influence of the Seventh Hokage. Toga's entire ethos revolves around the belief that she isn't inherently evil but rather acting in accordance with her instinctual nature. She despises Hero Society for the way she has been marginalized throughout her life, yet her decision to join the League of Villains has brought about significant turmoil. In addition to the vast destruction she has wrought alongside Shigaraki, she has personally taken the lives of heroes and innocent civilians.

Toga Redemption

As previously noted, shonen series have successfully redeemed characters who were far more morally compromised, and while the latest manga chapter implies a potential breakthrough between Ochaco and Toga, the latter still has a long journey ahead. Despite Toga's determination to stay true to her nature, she remains a formidable villain driven by vengeance for the death of Twice. Irony abounds as the blood-drinking Toga utilizes her Quirk to mimic Twice's power, resulting in widespread destruction.

Even if Toga were to cease her rampage, her path to redemption might lie outside the realm of Hero Society, where she can live her life without causing harm to others. Redeeming a character with such a history would undoubtedly present challenges, but if characters like Vegeta and Orochimaru could find redemption and embrace the light side, there is certainly a possibility for Toga's redemption as well.

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