My Hero Academia to Bring Life-Sized All Might And All For One to SDCC


The final arc of My Hero Academia is currently unfolding within the pages of the manga, but that hasn't halted the franchise from revisiting some of its pivotal moments. While San Diego Comic-Con is primarily known for major announcements in the realm of North American comic books and their related projects, anime is making its presence felt at the annual event. This year's convention will feature a significant showcase of My Hero Academia, complete with a life-sized statue commemorating one of its most epic battles.

The spotlight will be on the clash between All Might and All For One, a monumental confrontation that occurred during My Hero Academia Season 3. As a consequence of this intense encounter, the former Symbol of Peace lost a significant portion of his strength, transitioning from a frontline combatant to a teacher at UA Academy. Fortunately, All Might emerged victorious against All For One, but the main antagonist has recently resurfaced in both the anime and manga. With the final chapters of the manga unfolding, it appears that a rematch between All Might and All For One is imminent, promising an epic showdown.

All Might Vs. All For One Rematch

Crunchyroll has provided a description of the statue that will be unveiled at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International. "The statue of the "Historical Battle in Kamino" from "My Hero Academia" is a stunning representation of the epic fight between All Might and All For One in Season 3 Episode 48. By capturing this iconic moment, the statue showcases the artistry and significance of the My Hero Academia franchise, providing fans with an opportunity to relive the excitement and celebrate their love for the series."

The captivating statue will be showcased as part of the Comic-Con Museum, which is set to welcome visitors from Tuesday, July 18th. Anime enthusiasts will have the opportunity to admire the monumental battle depicting My Hero Academia's prominent combatants, as the exhibition will remain open until Sunday, July 23rd. Exciting times lie ahead for Deku and his companions, with My Hero Academia Season 7 currently in development and creator Kohei Horikoshi steering Class 1-A towards an anticipated conclusion.

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