NBA 2K23 Players Upset With Upcoming End Game Rewards


NBA 2K23's upcoming season is set to commence later this week, creating anticipation among players. However, the MyTeam community is currently in an uproar over the End Game reward that can be obtained by completing the All-Time Spotlights. This marks the first instance where players can acquire an End Game card solely through gameplay, providing a substantial boost to their teams in terms of star power. Nonetheless, the reward has become a source of frustration for many NBA 2K23 players due to the available choices: End Game versions of Bill Russell, Kevin Durant, and Paulo Banchero.

At first glance, this may seem like an enticing offer. Unlocking the best versions of players like KD without spending money is an appealing prospect for casual gamers. However, it's worth noting that End Game versions of both Durant and Banchero are already accessible in the game, and numerous players had previously invested $50 each to incorporate them into their lineups. The timing exacerbates the issue further, as Banchero became available just last week, meaning some players purchased him for $50 only a week before he became attainable for free.

The frustration among players is understandable. By making these players available through gameplay, it undermines the value of the money spent by those who purchased them. While it is true that End Game Bill Russell can only be obtained through gameplay, his impact on the game is likely to be overshadowed by KD or Banchero due to their respective positions. Some argue that paying for an in-game advantage should not be possible, but players who made such purchases can't help but feel let down by how quickly their investment became irrelevant.

Regardless of where one stands on this debate, it is indeed unusual to see NBA 2K almost immediately introduce earnable End Game cards. Typically, MyTeam players have to wait several weeks or even months to acquire a grindable card that can compete with those available for purchase. For instance, when NBA 2K23 introduced the 97 OVR Yao Ming card in packs during Season 4, it took at least a month before any other card could match its capabilities. Granted, we are now approaching the end of the current game cycle, so 2K may be more inclined to be generous. Nevertheless, this reward remains frustrating for those who recently spent $100 on KD and Banchero, as the value of their recent purchases has significantly diminished.

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