Neil Gaiman Adapting Samuel R. Delany's Nova as a Series

Renowned writer and producer Neil Gaiman, known for his work on The Sandman and Good Omens, is currently in the process of adapting sci-fi author Samuel R. Delany's celebrated novel Nova into a television series for Amazon Prime Video.

According to a New Yorker profile on the esteemed 81-year-old Delany, it was revealed that Gaiman is spearheading the adaptation of Nova for a Prime Video show. In his interview for the article, Gaiman spoke highly of Delany, referring to him affectionately by his nickname, Chip. Gaiman acknowledged Delany's profound influence on his own work, particularly how Delany's writing inspired him to strive for a similar level of sophistication in his own comics, such as The Sandman. Gaiman expressed his admiration, stating that Delany's prose felt like a leap into poetry, expanding the possibilities of artistic excellence within one's chosen medium. However, as of now, Prime Video has not officially confirmed the development of a Nova series.

Published in 1968, Nova is regarded as an early precursor to the cyberpunk genre. The novel envisions a distant future where interstellar empires vie for control over a potent energy source called Illyrion, vital for space travel and terraforming. The story follows Captain Lorq Von Ray, hailing from a smaller space faction known as the Pleiades Federation, on a perilous mission to retrieve the immensely dense Illyrion from a stellar explosion known as a nova. Throughout his journey, he is relentlessly pursued by the powerful Red family of planet Earth, which seeks to maintain its dominance over the galaxy and perceives the emerging Pleiades Federation as a formidable threat.

Samuel R. Delany's Science Fiction

Delany is renowned for his boundary-pushing science fiction novels, including Babel-17, The Einstein Intersection, and his captivating Nevèrÿon series. His groundbreaking work has garnered him two Hugo Awards and four Nebula Awards, solidifying his influence on numerous science fiction authors, such as Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, and Octavia Butler, who briefly participated in his esteemed writing workshop. Delany fearlessly delves into themes of sexuality and diversity, often drawing inspiration from his personal experiences as a black, gay author hailing from Harlem, New York City. However, in recent times, Delany has faced criticism for expressing some controversial viewpoints.

Gaiman, an accomplished writer himself, is currently engrossed in the development of several television shows based on his own literary creations. Fans eagerly await the release of Season 2 of Good Omens, the captivating series adapted from the 1990 novel he co-authored with Terry Pratchett. Scheduled to premiere on July 28 exclusively on Prime Video, Season 2 picks up a few years after the conclusion of the initial season, reuniting the stellar cast with Michael Sheen reprising his role as the angel Aziraphale and David Tennant returning as the mischievous demon Crowley. Meanwhile, Netflix is abuzz with excitement as the second season of The Sandman undergoes production, with Tom Sturridge once again captivating audiences as the enigmatic Dream.

Unfortunately, no specific release date has been announced for Gaiman's Nova series on Prime Video at this time.

Via The New Yorker

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