Neon Genesis Evangelion Announces Its Best Vinyl Soundtrack Bundle Yet

Neon Genesis Evangelion, widely regarded as one of the most iconic anime franchises of all time, currently has no plans to further explore the world of NERV. Nevertheless, fans are still captivated by the surreal adventures of Shinji Ikari and the Eva pilots, especially with the recent conclusion of the Rebuild of Evangelion film series. To offer a nostalgic treat, the original soundtrack of the first anime adaptation is making a long-awaited comeback with its first-ever vinyl printing.

Although the narrative of Evangelion may have concluded on both the small and silver screens, creator Hideaki Anno has remained active in crafting new universes. In 2016, Anno delved into the realm of kaiju with the film Shin Godzilla, presenting a darker and distinct take on the legendary monster. Expanding his creative endeavors, Anno also embarked on two feature-length films in the Shin Ultraman and Shin Kamen Rider universes. However, after dedicating several decades to his craft, Anno has hinted that his creative journey might be reaching its end. While a new Godzilla movie is slated for release in Japan and North America later this year, the future of the Shin Universe remains shrouded in mystery.

Though the world of Evangelion may not be actively expanding at present, its enduring legacy continues to captivate fans worldwide. The vinyl release of the original soundtrack allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves once again in the haunting and evocative melodies that contributed to the series' profound impact. As for Hideaki Anno, his artistic vision and potential future projects hold an air of anticipation and curiosity within the anime community.

Evangelion's Vinyl Soundtrack

Exciting news from Milan Records reveals that the iconic soundtrack of Neon Genesis Evangelion will soon be available in physical vinyl format. Fans will have the opportunity to pre-order this highly anticipated release starting from July 13th, with the soundtrack set to be officially available on July 14th. Neon Genesis Evangelion's profound subject matter propelled it to the forefront of the anime industry, and its accompanying soundtrack proved to be a perfect complement to the series' emotional and devastating events.

Interestingly enough, the Eva units have made an unexpected comeback through the Shin Universe. Although there hasn't been an official confirmation of a new film within the universe created by Hideaki Anno, fans have been treated to the release of exciting merchandise. Joining forces with Ultraman, Godzilla, and Kamen Rider, Eva Unit 01 continues to be a part of the Shin Universe through action figures that can even combine to form a mind-bending robotic entity.

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