New Fate TV Anime Announced


Fate has struck once again, turning a playful prank into a thrilling reality. In 2008, creator Ryohgo Narita pleasantly surprised fans by introducing the Fake fandom to a fabricated Holy Grail War. Now, after all these years, Fate/Strange Fake is set to receive a fully-fledged anime adaptation.

The exciting news was revealed by the Fate team through a promotional announcement on Twitter. They confirmed that Fate/Strange Fake will be transformed into a television series, sharing an abundance of information about the show at Anime Expo. It was during this event that we discovered A-1 Pictures will be spearheading the production of Fate/Strange Fake.

Shun Enokido and Takahito Sakazume have been brought on to co-direct the highly anticipated TV series. Joining them is the renowned composer Hiroyuki Sawano, who will be responsible for creating the show's captivating music. Overseeing the character designs is the talented artist Yukei Yamada. Additionally, Daisuke Ohigashi has been assigned the role of series composition, ensuring a cohesive narrative. A-1 Pictures, in collaboration with a team of skilled key animators, will be working diligently to breathe life into this anime.

While the Fate series may seem daunting to newcomers, this upcoming installment offers a fresh take as it delves into the setting of the United States. The story takes place during a Fake Holy Grail War, which has been spawned from incorrect information regarding the Third Grail War. Unfortunately, the ritual to recreate the war goes awry, resulting in an upside-down world of the Fake Holy Grail War. Expect to encounter a plethora of new heroes, servants, and villains in Fate/Strange Fake, making it an enticing prospect for Fate fans eagerly awaiting its release.

If you're seeking a simple entry point into the Fate anime franchise, Fate/Stay Night, which originated in 2006, is a great starting point. Numerous anime series have emerged from this storyline, including the upcoming spin-off. To catch up on the first Fate anime, you can stream it on Hulu and Crunchyroll. For further information, please refer to the official synopsis of the show provided below:

"Shirou Emiya, a student who had been adopted as a child by a magus, discovers he is entangled in a war among chosen magi for a holy grail, and must rely on the protection of his bodyguard, Saber."

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