New Just Cause Game Canceled

A new Just Cause game has been canceled, disappointing fans of the beloved franchise known for its explosive open-world gameplay. While the stories of these games often take a backseat to the action, the series gained significant popularity with Just Cause 2, which introduced the exhilarating combination of a grappling hook and parachute, enabling players to perform daring stunts akin to a Tom Cruise movie. However, it has been five years since the last game's release, and updates on the series have been scarce.

Square Enix, the publisher behind Just Cause, had shown interest in expanding the franchise and was working on a spin-off title called Just Cause Mobile. Originally scheduled for release in 2021, the game faced multiple delays but had an early access version available to play. Just Cause Mobile aimed to be the first official online game in the series, featuring PvP and co-op matches. Unfortunately, Square Enix has confirmed that the game has been canceled and will not receive a full release.

Anne-Lou Grosbois-Favreau, Square Enix's global brand lead for the Just Cause franchise, expressed sadness over the decision and announced the removal of the game from digital stores. Refunds were issued for any in-game purchases made during the Regional Early Access period.

Despite Just Cause 4's reportedly underwhelming sales performance, Square Enix has assured fans that they are actively working on a new game in the series. While the rights to Just Cause remain with Square Enix after selling off various IPs and studios to Embracer Group, it is unclear whether series developer Avalanche Studios will be involved in the new project or if a different studio will take the helm. Avalanche Studios is currently working on Contraband, an Xbox exclusive title, adding further uncertainty to their involvement in the new Just Cause game.

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