New Overwatch 2 Update Buffs Lifeweaver Damage, Patch Notes Released


Overwatch 2 Season 5 recently began, bringing fans an exciting battle pass to progress through and various limited-time modes to enjoy. As the season continues, players can look forward to new events, including the highly anticipated Summer Games event featuring Lucio Ball and Winston's Beach Volleyball. However, Blizzard isn't solely reserving major Overwatch 2 updates for season launches. In fact, the developer has just released a new patch with significant character changes and numerous bug fixes.

The noteworthy update in the June 28 patch revolves around Lifeweaver, who is receiving substantial damage adjustments. The Overwatch 2 team has achieved this by increasing both his projectile spread and maximum ammo. This alteration should enable players to apply more consistent pressure to opposing teams. On the other hand, Cassidy's Magnetic Grenade ability is undergoing a few nerfs primarily targeting its blast radius, while Mei's Endothermic Blaster will lose some of its slowing effect in favor of increased overall damage.

In addition to these impactful hero adjustments, players can anticipate several bug fixes, particularly related to certain maps. Both Antarctica Peninsula and Paraiso have resolved the issue of players being able to escape the spawn room, and Blizzard has addressed low FPS problems affecting these two maps as well.

The complete patch notes for the Overwatch 2 June 28 update are provided below.




Magnetic Grenade

In order to increase the skill ceiling and make Magnetic Grenade more challenging to use effectively, we have implemented the following adjustments. This will allow heroes with quick reflexes to have more opportunities to escape before the grenade attaches to them.

• Seeking radius lowered from 1.5 to 1.3 meters.

• Homing duration lowered from 1 to 0.75 seconds.


Endothermic Blaster

Although the changes to Mei's primary fire have made the gameplay more engaging, they have also had a detrimental effect on her overall effectiveness. The reduction in damage in exchange for increased utility in slowing enemies has caused a decline in her performance. To address this, we are rebalancing her abilities to restore some of her damage potential.

• Maximum slow applied by primary fire reduced from 50% to 40%.

• Primary fire damage per second increased from 55 to 70.

Deep Chill (Passive)

• Maximum slow applied when this effect activates reduced from 75% to 65%.



Thorn Volley

While Lifeweaver excels in providing substantial healing and defensive utility, his offensive damage output lacks consistency, particularly when engaging enemies at longer ranges. Given his preferred positioning further away from allies, these adjustments will enhance the effectiveness of well-aimed burst fire using the Thorn Volley weapon. This change aims to increase Lifeweaver's ability to apply pressure to the enemy team.

• Increased the number of projectiles to reach maximum spread from 0 to 20.

• Maximum ammo increased from 70 to 80.



• Fixed a bug with the competitive Titles not unlocking after earning them in the previous season.

• Fixed a bug with our audio that caused an issue with the "Team Radio" feature, and call outs from team members should now more accurately reflect their locations.

• Fixed in a previous update – Fixed a bug where the challenge requirement for games played in the "Flex Your Power" weekly challenge was incorrect.


Antarctica Peninsula

• Fixed a location that allowed players to escape the spawn room.

• Fixed an issue causing low FPS performance when specific heroes were in certain areas.


Watchpoint Gibraltar

• Fixed in a previous update – Fixed an issue with an Attacker's spawn room that allowed the Defenders to enter.



• Fixed a bug with Rocket Punch that could result in not applying knockback during some heroes' abilities.


• Fixed in a previous update – Fixed a bug with Mei's Secondary Fire not dealing extra damage to slowed heroes if you swapped heroes during the match.

• Fixed in a previous update – Fixed an issue with Blizzard where enemies who had been frozen previously with Mei's Endothermic Blaster would not freeze/remain frozen in the Blizzard.

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