New Riverdale Trailer Previews Show's Final Episodes

Riverdale has undeniably embraced its creative side in its final season, taking advantage of its newfound 1950s backdrop to weave captivating narratives. While the popular CW series is currently on a brief hiatus, the much-anticipated arrival of its final episodes is drawing near, and a new trailer offers a glimpse into what awaits. The trailer for Riverdale, provided below, offers a sneak peek at the remaining episodes, promising heartfelt farewells, familiar love stories, and an abundance of glamour.

Why Is Riverdale's Final Season Set in the 1950s?

As Riverdale's showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa mentioned in an earlier interview this year, the time jump offered a unique opportunity to harken back to the heyday of Archie Comics in the 1950s.

"While the Archie comics began publication much earlier, it is the 1950s that most people associate with Archie comics for nostalgic reasons," explained Aguirre-Sacasa. "There's a certain nostalgia attached to the 1950s when people think of Archie comics. Even when we showcased their iconic comic book costumes from the past, which were technically from the 1940s, people would still refer to them as the '50s outfits. So, we recognized that connection. Interestingly, when we were pitching Riverdale as a TV show, executives would sometimes ask, 'Wait, is this set in the '50s?' and we had to clarify that it is set in present day. That was an interesting aspect."

He further elaborated, "Another resonant aspect is that the 1950s marked the birth of the modern idea of teenagers. The concept of teenagers as we know them today, as consumers of popular culture like movies, television, and comic books, really emerged during that period. It felt like a natural fit for Archie because that's who Archie is. So, it felt like the right time period to set the show. Additionally, as we move into the '60s, there's a lot happening in terms of counterculture, the civil rights movement, and the emergence of movements like gay liberation. It felt like the '50s, with its facade of wholesomeness and innocence, juxtaposed with darker, more complex themes and issues simmering beneath the surface, was a perfect match thematically for Riverdale."

What Is Season 7 of Riverdale About?

In its daring seventh season, Riverdale takes a leap into uncharted territory—the 1950s! Continuing from where the previous season left off, Jughead Jones (portrayed by Cole Sprouse) finds himself mysteriously trapped in the 1950s. Struggling to comprehend his situation and desperate to return to the present, Jughead is met with unhelpful friends who are fully immersed in seemingly genuine lives reminiscent of their classic Archie Comics counterparts. Oblivious to their existence outside the 1950s, they offer no assistance.

Don't miss the latest episodes of Riverdale, airing Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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