New Super Mario Bros. Movie Figures and Playsets Revealed

Recently, leaked images of new figures based on The Super Mario Bros. Movie generated excitement among fans. Today, Jakks Pacific officially unveiled these figures, along with other exciting toys set to release in July. Alongside the previously leaked Kamek, Peach, and Cat Mario figures, Jakks Pacific also showcased a Tanooki Mario toy, complete with a Super Leaf accessory. Furthermore, the Mini Figure collection will expand with the addition of two playsets: Donkey Kong Stadium and Bowser's Island Castle. Each playset will include a 1.25" version of Donkey Kong and Bowser, respectively.

Additionally, the Mini Figure with Question Block line will introduce several new options, such as Dry Bones, Tanooki Mario, Cat Mario, Shy Guy, Goomba, and General Koopa (Blue Shell). Jakks Pacific shared images of these new toys on Twitter, which can be found in their official Tweet below.

One exciting aspect of the Donkey Kong Stadium toy is the inclusion of images showcasing the Kongs cheering in the stands. In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, during the scene where DK battles Mario, various members of the Kong family, such as Diddy, Dixie, and Chunky, made cameo appearances. This feature makes the Stadium a compelling purchase for fans of Donkey Kong. Although the character has yet to receive a 5" figure in the line, it seems likely that Jakks Pacific will address this in the future.

Released in theaters this past April, The Super Mario Bros. Movie was an instant hit with audiences. The Nintendo adaptation exceeded $1 billion in box office revenue, establishing itself as one of the most successful animated films of all time. The movie recently became available on physical media and is expected to stream on Peacock in the near future. Although a specific date has not been announced, Peacock has been promoting the film through commercials and on Twitter. Fans eagerly await its streaming debut, hoping it will be soon! 

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