New Walking Dead and Invincible Games Announced

Skybound Entertainment has recently announced exciting plans for new tabletop games based on the popular franchises The Walking Dead and Invincible. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of both series, Skybound has partnered with Mantic Games to develop two card-and-dice games. Scheduled for release in Q4 2023, these games will coincide perfectly with the launch of Season 2 of Invincible. While specific details about the gameplay are scarce, it seems that both games will feature "push-your-luck" mechanics and incorporate custom dice and cards. Take a sneak peek at the upcoming games below:

Skybound Entertainment and Mantic Games have exciting plans to showcase both games at San Diego Comic-Con and Gen Con in the upcoming months.

Previously, Mantic Games had released two The Walking Dead miniatures games, but the line was discontinued in 2022. An announcement from Mantic had suggested that Skybound might not continue the licensing agreement, partly due to Skybound's own expanding tabletop game imprint. However, it appears that the collaboration between Mantic and Skybound has remained strong, and the new partnership is set to produce more games in the future.

"When we began conceptualizing special edition 20th anniversary items for our fans, Mantic Games immediately came to mind. The synergy between our two companies has truly elevated the tabletop gaming landscape, offering fans an exceptional blend of storytelling and gameplay," said Garima Sharma, VP of Product and Strategy at Skybound, in a press release announcing the upcoming games.

"We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with our friends at Skybound, not only for The Walking Dead but also for the first time on Invincible," said Ronnie Renton, CEO of Mantic Games. "Our initial games as part of this renewed partnership will be launched later this year. They are designed to provide great value, endless enjoyment, and the perfect means to take your favorite worlds and adventures on the go."

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