Niantic Launches Campfire, a New App to Help Organize Pokemon Go Raids

Niantic has officially launched the Campfire app, designed to assist players in locating nearby Pokemon Go raid groups. Today, Niantic announced the full rollout of the app, which has been in development since last year. Integrated into Pokemon Go, the Campfire app enables players to search for Raid Battles and view "flares" indicating other players actively seeking raid assistance. Alongside the app, Niantic is introducing a new Team Up feature, allowing players to host or join Raids. Through Campfire, players can coordinate friend requests and invite each other to raids directly within Pokemon Go.

The Campfire app represents a significant step toward addressing a long-standing concern of Pokemon Go fans since the introduction of raids in 2017: in-game coordination. Interestingly, Campfire even facilitates coordination for Remote Raids, despite Niantic's recent efforts to reduce their emphasis.

The worldwide launch of the Campfire app coincides with the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest events, set to take place in New York, Osaka, and London, followed by a global Pokemon Go Fest at the end of August. Notably, Pokemon Go Fest will introduce Mega Rayquaza, anticipated to become one of the game's most formidable Pokemon, alongside several region-exclusive Pokemon and the debut of Shiny forms for select species.

To access the Campfire app, players can download it from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, enhancing their Pokemon Go raiding experience.

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