Nintendo Switch 2 Rumor Leaks Huge New Hardware Feature, But Is It True?

A recent rumor has emerged online, claiming to leak a potential new hardware feature of the next Nintendo console, tentatively referred to as the Nintendo Switch 2. However, it is important to approach this information with skepticism due to the dubious source of the rumor, which is anonymous and lacks a proven track record. While anonymous sources have occasionally provided accurate leaks in the gaming industry, their credibility remains uncertain.

According to the rumor, the next Nintendo console could feature scroll wheels alongside the triggers, a concept previously explored in pre-Nintendo Switch patents. This suggests that Nintendo may have progressed from conceptualizing this feature to potentially implementing it in a future console. However, the manner in which this secret information was supposedly obtained is unusual and may be difficult to believe.

The anonymous source claims to work for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at a large airport on the west coast. They describe encountering a large pelican case during security screening, which contained a peculiar device resembling a horizontal computer with an unfinished-looking controller featuring ABXY buttons, triggers, sticks, and two mouse scroll wheels next to the triggers. The individual in possession of the case identified themselves as a Nintendo hardware developer/engineer, according to business cards found in their personal belongings.

Given the questionable nature of the source and the unusual circumstances described, it is crucial to treat this rumor with a significant degree of skepticism. Official information regarding the next Nintendo console has not been disclosed, and reliable details about its features and specifications are yet to be announced by Nintendo themselves.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo fans are expressing skepticism towards the rumor, with some believing it to be fake, while others find the story too random to be entirely fabricated. However, due to the lack of concrete evidence, it is currently impossible to confirm or debunk the rumor. Nintendo has not addressed the potential leak in any form, and it is unlikely to do so for various reasons. Should there be any developments or official statements from Nintendo, we will provide updates accordingly.

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