One Piece Creator Hypes Egghead Arc With First Promo


The final saga of the One Piece manga is currently unfolding, following the adventures of Luffy and his crew. Alongside the main storyline, the series has also introduced significant revelations concerning characters like Sabo, King Cobra, Buggy, and many others. One of the most impactful revelations came from the enigmatic Dr. Vegapunk, a brilliant scientist who possessed unparalleled knowledge about Devil Fruits. To commemorate this latest storyline, creator Eiichiro Oda has unveiled new artwork.

In various arcs of One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates occasionally don new outfits that reflect the aesthetics of their surroundings. When they entered the secluded nation of Wano Country, for instance, Luffy and his crew donned attire inspired by feudal Japan, deviating from their usual outfits. On Egghead Island, the abode of Dr. Vegapunk and his laboratory, the Straw Hats sported futuristic attire, which is prominently showcased in the newly released promotional image featuring Luffy and Nami. While the ongoing War for Wano might delay the introduction of these outfits in the 2023 anime adaptation, if the television series continues to faithfully follow the source material, we can expect the Egghead Island outfits to eventually make their animated debut.

One Piece Egghead Promo

To celebrate the latest arc of One Piece's final saga, creator Eiichiro Oda presented an artwork featuring Luffy and Nami in their fresh outfits. Fortunately, both the Straw Hat Pirates and Dr. Vegapunk managed to escape the island unscathed, but formidable obstacles lie ahead for them. Pursued by the World Government and numerous determined adversaries, the upcoming final saga has the potential to become the most monumental arc in the series thus far.

One of the highly anticipated highlights of the ongoing War for Wano Arc in the One Piece anime is the introduction of Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation. Although it has made a few appearances in the manga and even had a brief cameo in the recent film, One Piece Film: Red, fans are eagerly awaiting its television debut. Undoubtedly, the animation team faces a formidable task in faithfully capturing the essence of Luffy's ultimate transformation on screen.

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