One Piece May Bring Gear Fifth's Anime Debut to Theaters


(Photo: Toei Animation)

The ongoing War for Wano arc in One Piece has brought the Straw Hat Pirates face to face with Kaido and his formidable Beast Pirates, resulting in epic battles that rank among the anime's most monumental adaptations. However, there remains one pivotal moment yet to grace the small screen: the highly anticipated debut of Monkey D. Luffy's ultimate transformation in his showdown against the Captain of the Beast Pirates. Surprisingly, recent reports suggest that Gear Fifth's unveiling in the anime adaptation might receive an exclusive theatrical release.

Interestingly enough, this wouldn't be the first time that Monkey D. Luffy's final form received a theatrical presentation. Although appearing only briefly, Luffy accessed Gear Fifth during the climactic battle in One Piece Film: Red, assuming his exaggerated cartoon-ish appearance while fighting alongside the legendary Red-Haired Shanks. Unfortunately, the form was fleeting, with viewers only catching a glimpse of Luffy's latest technique in action. Thankfully, in the ongoing anime series, Luffy will have an ample opportunity to showcase his transformative powers if the show continues to follow the events of the manga.

Gear Fifth on The Silver Screen

According to a recent report from OP_Spoilers, Le Grand Rex, Europe's largest movie theater chain, is contemplating the idea of screening the episode that features the long-awaited debut of Gear Fifth in France. While the specific episode showcasing Luffy's transformation has yet to be confirmed, it is likely that Toei Animation will introduce it sometime this year. Although Le Grand Rex has not officially confirmed this arrangement, they did release a statement hinting at something exciting on the horizon: "Something is planned soon..." However, there is currently no confirmation of a North American theatrical release.

Following the conclusion of the War for Wano arc in the manga, Luffy has only tapped into the power of Gear Fifth once in One Piece's Final Saga. During his battle against Rob Lucci, the Straw Hat Captain effortlessly outmaneuvered the formidable antagonist thanks to his whimsical new transformation. As the manga progresses, we can anticipate Luffy relying heavily on this new form before the Straw Hat Pirates embark on their ultimate adventure.

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