Original One Piece Cast Breaks Silence on Netflix's Live-Action Series


At this year's Anime Expo, the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of One Piece made some major announcements. During the event, it was revealed that for the Netflix television series, the original Japanese anime cast would be voicing the North American cast. This decision sparked excitement among fans, and each of the main Straw Hat Pirates from the Japanese cast shared their thoughts on the live-action series and their roles in the Netflix production.

To kick things off, Mayumi Tanaka, the voice actor for Luffy, expressed her thoughts on Inaki Godoy, the actor portraying Monkey D. Luffy in the live-action series. She said, "I have played Luffy for more than 23 years, but I think everyone has Luffy in their hearts. This time, the live-action version played by Inaki is also fun and amusing, he is a spot on Luffy! I'm also able to voice Luffy for the live-action, I'm really happy. With One Piece, the words that resonate and the way we see them are different depending on the situation and position. We will find new discoveries over and over again. I would be happy if people who haven't touched One Piece yet, regardless of age or gender, would like to become a One Piece nakama from here on." 

Similarly, Kazuya Nakai, the voice of Zoro, shared his thoughts on Mackenyu's portrayal and the live-action series, "Ever since I heard that Mackenyu is going to play Zoro in the live-action version, I've been wondering about the dubbing. What kind of format would work best for people who watch it? To be honest, I was really happy when they decided to have me. The truth is, I want to do it because it's Zoro. I'll do my best to meet the charm of Mackenyu's really cool Zoro."

Akemi Okamura, the voice actor for Nami in the anime series, also shared her thoughts about being a part of the live-action adaptation, "When I heard that a live-action version was in the making, I sincerely thought I wanted to go on an adventure in the live-action world as well! I'm really happy I get to experience it again from my first encounter with the crew. Forget the adventures we've had so far and challenge the sea of adventure that spreads out in front of us with a fresh feeling." 

Kappei Yamaguchi, the voice actor for Usopp in the anime series, also shared his insights on the live-action adaptation, highlighting its differences while staying true to the source material. He mentioned, "One Piece live-action is a little different from the manga and the anime, but the underlying spirits is a world that everyone will want to see! A freaking awesome One Piece live-action has been made!"

Hiroaki Hirata, the Japanese voice actor for Sanji, also expressed his feelings regarding the challenges that actor Taz Skylar may face in matching his character's "clumsy lines" in the live-action series. He shared, "I feel bad for Taz Skylar, but in Japan, there have been many versions of handsome Sanjis who have worked hard to match my clumsy lines on various stages. I will do my best to dub Taz to atone for that. Taz-chan, I'm freaking grateful to you! Let's make the strongest tag team and make Mackenyu-Kazuya be rendered speechless!" 

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