Oshi no Ko Has Fans Nervous Over a Bombshell Cliffhanger

Oshi no Ko continues to captivate fans more than ever. With the success of its anime adaptation, this popular idol drama has caught the attention of the otaku fandom, and all eyes are fixed on Ai, the series' central character. The anime's triumph has sparked a renewed interest in the manga, and fans eagerly anticipate each new development from the talented writer, Aka Akasaka. However, a recent cliffhanger has left the Oshi no Ko fandom in a state of frenzy and anticipation.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Oshi no Ko chapter 123. Proceed with caution!

The situation came to light recently as Young Jump released a series of captivating Oshi no Ko chapters, and its latest installment took the fandom by storm. The eagerly awaited update finally unveiled Aqua and Ruby's true identities to each other. The twins have recently discovered that they are both reincarnations from Ai's past life several years ago. In fact, Ruby was left stunned upon learning that her brother was actually Gorou Amamiya in his previous existence, and that's where things took an interesting turn.

As the chapter came to a close, a poignant scene unfolded with Ruby reminiscing about her past life while receiving medical treatment from Gorou at the hospital. Back then, the young girl had developed a crush on the doctor, and it appears that those feelings are starting to resurface. She confides in Aqua, her twin brother, saying, "Remember when you promised to marry me once I turned 16?" This was the vow Gorou made to his young patient years ago, and now Ruby seems eager to hold him to it.

"Sensei, I've already turned 16," she tells him. Him being Aqua, Ruby's twin brother. She reminds her actual brother of this fact after learning about their past lives, and now the entire Oshi no Ko fandom is concerned about a potential incestuous plot.

Yes, you read that correctly. Up until now, Ruby and Aqua have shared a close bond as twins, but their relationship has never crossed into romantic territory. However, their reincarnated history has the potential to change everything. Ruby has unintentionally opened the door for Aqua to respond, and the outcome of their conversation remains uncertain. Oshi no Ko fans are hopeful that Aqua will reject Ruby's advances, but for now, it seems that Ruby's revived feelings are here to stay.

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