Percy Jackson and the Olympians Debuts First Teaser Poster

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is just around the corner, with less than a year left before its highly anticipated premiere on Disney+. The serialized adaptation of Rick Riordan's beloved novels kicked off production in June 2022 and continued for an impressive eight months. The first season will bring to life the events from Riordan's initial book in the Percy Jackson pentalogy, The Lightning Thief, captivating audiences with an eight-episode journey. While specific details about the release of Percy Jackson Season 1 have been limited, it is confirmed that the series will grace Disney+ screens in early 2024. As the marketing campaign gears up, fans have been treated to a tantalizing glimpse of what's in store.

A first official teaser poster for Percy Jackson and the Olympians has been unveiled, setting the stage for the Greek mythology-infused world. The poster showcases two significant elements: a Camp Half-Blood banner and a battle helmet, emblematic of the thrilling capture the flag games. Feast your eyes on the enticing teaser poster below...

(Photo: Disney+)

About a year ago, Percy Jackson treated fans to its first teaser trailer at the Disney D23 Expo. This exciting footage offered glimpses of the enchanting landscapes of Camp Half-Blood, accompanied by the captivating voice of Walker Scobell, who portrays the titular hero. Scobell delivered an iconic monologue from the opening pages of The Lightning Thief, leading up to the grand reveal of the show's official logo.

Rick Riordan, the author of the original novels and an executive producer on the series, shared some insights during an interview with's Liam Crowley earlier this year. He disclosed that he has already watched the entire first season of Percy Jackson.

"I've had the opportunity to view multiple cuts of all the episodes by now, as they undergo several revisions," Riordan revealed. "And I must say, they are fantastic. Honestly, my initial reaction was one of relief. I thought, 'Oh, thank goodness. I believe the fans will be pleased.' That's all I could hope for."

While filming for Percy Jackson has wrapped up, the series is currently in the early stages of post-production. The team is meticulously fine-tuning the special effects for all eight episodes. Thanks to the utilization of Industrial Light & Magic's Volume stage, the process has been expedited, allowing the creation of several CGI-rich landscapes in advance.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is currently undergoing post-production and is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in 2024.

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