Phoenix: Eden17 Anime to Get Theatrical Run

Disney has been steadily expanding its presence in the anime realm in recent years. Notably, Star Wars: Visions debuted on Disney+, while popular titles like Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and Heavenly Delusion found a home on Hulu in North America. Looking to further bolster its anime lineup, Disney announced that the upcoming series, Phoenix: Eden17, will also receive a theatrical release. Fans in Japan can expect the film to hit theaters later this year.

Phoenix: Eden17 is based on Osamu Tezuka's manga series that spanned over thirty years in the 1950s. Due to its captivating story and the positive response from fans, Phoenix was adapted into a live-action movie in the 1970s, followed by several anime projects. The highly-anticipated film is set to premiere in Japan on November 3rd, accompanied by the release of a new trailer to commemorate the announcement.

The Phoenix Rises

The highly anticipated anime adaptation of Phoenix: Eden17 will be brought to life by Studio 4°C, renowned for their exceptional work on projects like Berserk: Golden Age Arc, Memories, and Spriggan. Notably, the studio has also worked on surprising North American properties such as Thundercats and Justice League: The Flash Paradox. While the film utilizes modern animation techniques, it remains faithful to the distinctive aesthetic of the original 1950s series.

For those who may be less familiar with the upcoming anime adaptation of this beloved franchise, here is an official description of Phoenix: Eden17: "A rocket lands on the desolate frontier planet Eden. Romi (Rie Miyazawa) and her boyfriend George (Yosuke Kubozuka), who fled Earth for some reason, vow to make this planet their new home. However, life on the uncharted planet is harsh, and George loses his life in an accident while digging a well, leaving Romi to live a solitary life of survival with his only son, Cain, and an AI robot."

"Romi decides to extend her life as long as possible for Cain's sake and enters a cold sleep. However, a mechanical malfunction causes her to sleep for 1,300 years. When Romi finally awakens, she becomes the queen of Eden 17, a huge town built by a new breed of humans. Then one day, a kind-hearted boy named Komu (Honoka Yoshida) meets the grief-stricken Queen Romi in her palace. Knowing of Romi's longing for home, Komu decides to go to Earth with her, and the two of them venture out into the vastness of space together, knowing that it is a reckless challenge. They encounter an earthbound astronaut, Makimura, a space handyman, Zdarban (Issey Ogata), and a number of unknown life forms beyond human understanding as they journey toward their home planet Earth."

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