Pikmin 4 Demo Live, Pikmin Bloom Bonus Revealed


The highly anticipated Pikmin 4 has just released its demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop, allowing players to get a taste of the game prior to its official launch next month. What's even better is that progress made in the demo will carry over to the full version, alleviating concerns for those who were unsure about getting the game. There's no need to replay sections already completed. In addition to this exciting news, Nintendo has unveiled a special bonus for digital buyers. By pre-ordering or purchasing the game from the eShop before July 23rd at 11:59 p.m., players will receive double the usual amount of Gold Points.

To give fans a comprehensive overview, a brand new trailer for Pikmin 4 has been released and can be viewed below:

Nintendo Switch owners who have already pre-ordered Pikmin 4 through the eShop will also be eligible to receive the extra Gold Points. This newly revealed pre-order bonus adds to the list of incentives for Pikmin 4. Walmart recently unveiled a steel water bottle that accompanies pre-orders, while Best Buy will be offering a Pikmin tote bag. Fans now have to decide which option suits them best. However, for those uninterested in the additional goodies, the extra Gold Points can be used towards purchases of other games on the eShop, making it a valuable bonus. With Pikmin 4's release slated for July 21st, fans still have ample time to make their choices.

While Nintendo has released multiple Pikmin games on consoles, the company also offers a mobile spin-off called Pikmin Bloom. Players of Pikmin Bloom will be delighted to learn that playing the Pikmin 4 demo (or the full version) will reward them in the mobile game as well. After playing the demo, players can receive a code that can be redeemed in Pikmin Bloom for an Oatchi-Rider costume. As the name implies, this costume transforms the player's Mii into a rider atop the adorable Rescue Pup, Oatchi. Once players fulfill the required conditions, they can obtain the Pikmin Bloom code right here.

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