Pokémon Announces Plans for First-Ever Comic-Con Panel

This month, Pokémon enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the celebration of Ash Ketchum's legacy and the highly anticipated international release of Pokémon Horizons at Comic-Con.

As revealed on the Pokémon Company's Official Press site, the panel titled "Pokémon: Bringing Iconic Animation to Global Audiences" will offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the localization process of the series as it transitions from its original Japanese format to various international versions. Esteemed industry figures, including Meghan Camarena (known as Strawburry17), the writer of Radiant Pink, TPCi's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Taito Okiura, and Andy Gose, TPCi's Senior Director of Media Production, will serve as moderators for this captivating event. The panel is scheduled to take place on July 20 from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm in Room 6BCF at the San Diego Convention Center.

A significant part of the event will center around Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys, the final chapter in Ash's remarkable quest to become a Pokémon Master. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to catch a sneak peek of the concluding part of this beloved series. Furthermore, there will be an exciting international preview of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, introducing two fresh protagonists, Liko and Roy. As of June 23, the series has already aired 12 episodes in Japan, heightening the anticipation for its international debut.

Alongside the animation panel, Jazwares, the toy licensing partner of Pokémon, will present a merchandise panel titled "Jazwares Spotlight." Fans can expect an exclusive preview of Jazwares' product lineup for 2023, featuring an array of new Pokémon collectibles. Additionally, on the convention floor, the booths of Mattel and Bandai Namco will offer attendees product previews, convention-exclusive merchandise, giveaways, and engaging photo opportunities. Insight Editions, the publishing partner of Pokémon, will also distribute special recipe cards from their upcoming release, the "Pokémon Baking Book," which will be available for purchase starting September 19.

What is Pokémon Horizons?

Pokémon Horizons is an exciting new installment in the Pokémon franchise, featuring a fresh cast of characters who take center stage. Alongside Liko and Roy, we are introduced to Professor Friede and the intrepid explorers known as the Volteckers. Together, they embark on a globe-trotting adventure, conducting groundbreaking research on Pokémon. Interestingly, Pikachu, the beloved mascot of the franchise, remains a prominent figure in the series as Friede's trusted partner, Captain Pikachu. Furthermore, Liko's companion, Sprigatito, shares a similar spirit with Ash's Pikachu, initially displaying a reluctance towards its trainer. The plot of Horizons revolves around Liko and Roy's journey as they begin their Pokémon training and set out to unravel the enigmatic secrets behind two mysterious relics they each possess. Although the series only started airing in April, it has already captivated audiences, surprising them by dispelling popular fan theories, such as the speculation that Liko is Ash's daughter.

Fans can now enjoy the first three installments of Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys, which are readily available on Netflix.

Source: The Pokémon Company's Official Press Website

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