Pokemon Insider Leaks First Major Detail About Next Game



According to a recent rumor, the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC may have a direct connection to the next installment in the mainline Pokemon game series. Nintendo and Game Freak have kept the future of Pokemon under wraps, giving leakers and insiders the opportunity to gradually release tidbits of information about what's to come. One well-known Pokemon leaker, known as Riddler Khu, has recently started sharing intriguing details.

According to Riddler Khu, one of the characters depicted below (excluding Lacey) holds the key to the DLC's lore and serves as a "big spoiler for the next game." While Riddler Khu has a solid track record and reputation, their style of communication remains cryptic, leaving us with uncertain interpretations of this statement.

According to information shared by Centro Leaks on Twitter, this development seems to rule out the possibility of the next mainline Pokemon game being a remake of a previous installment. Furthermore, unless time travel is involved, it suggests that the upcoming game is set in a timeframe close to the events of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, making another Legends game unlikely. This leaves us with the likelihood of either a completely new installment or a potential sequel to Scarlet and Violet. Additionally, "Sudachi" is believed to be the codename for the Scarlet and Violet DLC.

As always, it's important to approach this information with skepticism. Everything mentioned here is unofficial and speculative. While Game Freak or Nintendo could potentially debunk or confirm these rumors, it's unlikely that they will comment on them due to various reasons.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the most ambitious and forward-thinking Pokemon game yet, but it suffers from some frustrating graphics and technical features. These new Pokemon games represent a transition to the franchise's ninth generation, introducing a truly open world that can be explored however players wish. This marks a significant evolution for the Pokemon games produced by Game Freak, deviating from the time-worn formula set by the original Pokemon Red and Green games 25 years ago. However, while Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is truly a wonder to behold as a Pokemon game, it struggles to meet even the relatively basic graphical standards expected in a modern video game.

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