Pokemon to Give Away Booster Box of Every Sword and Shield TCG Set to Lucky Winners

The Pokemon Company is hosting a special giveaway featuring a complete collection of booster boxes from every expansion set in the Sword & Shield era of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. To commemorate the official conclusion of the Sword & Shield era, The Pokemon Company has launched an exciting sweepstakes for fans to participate in. By registering on the website, participants have a chance to win 12 booster boxes, representing each expansion set from the Sword & Shield series. The sweepstakes offers three grand prizes, as well as 50 runner-up prizes consisting of a randomly selected Elite Trainer's box from the Sword & Shield era.

The Sword & Shield era left its mark on the Pokemon Trading Card Game with the introduction of several innovative concepts. One notable addition was the Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX cards, which aimed to emulate the Gigantamax and Dynamax mechanics from Pokemon Sword and Shield video games. As the era progressed, new concepts were introduced, including the unique Pokemon VSTAR cards featuring powerful one-time abilities. Additionally, the Battle Styles mechanic fostered synergies between cards of the same Battle Style, adding strategic depth to gameplay. Another exciting addition was the V Union card, which required players to strategically assemble four parts of a V Union card to bring the complete card onto the field. The era also witnessed the return of the Lost Zone, a distinct discard pile that permanently removed cards from play, yet fueled specific card abilities. These innovative concepts added fresh dynamics and strategic choices to the Pokemon Trading Card Game during the Sword & Shield era.

Earlier this year, the Pokemon Trading Card Game made a transition to the exciting new Scarlet & Violet series. This series brings forth a focus on powerful attacks that require relatively low energy costs, offering players the opportunity for high-impact moves. Alongside this shift, the series also reintroduces the beloved Pokemon ex cards, which showcase formidable Pokemon with extraordinary abilities. Notably, some of these Pokemon ex cards feature a Tera ex typing, inspired by the Terastallization mechanic from the Pokemon video games. This adds a unique element to gameplay, allowing players to strategize and utilize these special typings to gain an edge in battles. The Scarlet & Violet series offers a fresh and dynamic experience for collectors and players alike, with its emphasis on impactful attacks and the return of iconic Pokemon ex cards.

The sweepstakes is open for participation until July 10th and is exclusive to residents of the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec), the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico. Participants must be at least 13 years of age or older to enter. It's a fantastic opportunity for fans from these regions to join in and try their luck in winning these coveted prizes. Don't miss out on this exciting chance to win! You can sign up for the sweepstakes here.

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